Online Classes

convenient and secure learning anywhere there is internet

Each course is taught entirely online through internet correspondence. The format is asynchronous, which means there is no schedule to meet or specific weekly time to block out from the family's schedule. No navigating icy roads. No packing up the van 10 minutes late, and, best of all, no geographic limits for the students. Whether you're in Alaska, Akron or Aruba, the classes are available.

The format is straightforward. Each class has a portal on Moodle, an online learning platform, so the only software needed is a web browser and e-mail access. It is password protected for security and there is the capability for parents to log-on and view the course as a guest. The Moodle class site hosts the discussion forums, the assignments, the analyses, and is the method where students submit work. Each student has a unique username and password so registered students can view assignments, discussion boards and their own grades. There are no pop-up ads, no skanky side-bar links, and guaranteed to be 100% creep-free (unless your student is a creep. If so, please don't sign up.)

Why use an online learning system rather than good, old-fashioned e-mail? E-mail is a difficult vehicle with which to host discussions, and the forums are a practical way for students in different parts of the country to connect with each other, discussing the weekly reading. Many colleges are moving towards using similar software; this can be seen as an introduction to such an interface before college.

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