High-School Literature and Writing

viewed through a Catholic lens

book A thick layer of nihilism, smothered in hopelessness and topped with a garnish of ick. This tasteless dish is daily fare for too many high-school English courses. Students deserve better. They should be inundated with quality writing that inspires, that finds its source in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The analysis they ponder should ask questions that churn the mind while remaining firmly rooted in our Catholic faith. The writing skills they develop should aim at clarity of thought, quality of style and depth of perception. Offer meat, not mush, with the classes of White Horse Literature.

Lord of the Ring-givers

For hearty, hard-core hobbit heads, or those just dipping a furry toe into Middle-Earth for the first time, this high school literature and writing course will surprise, enlighten, and bring a new-found wonder at Tolkien's Catholic world.

Chesterton: Prince of Paradox

This high school class delights in Chesterton's wit, paradox, and profundity as we sample a smorgasboard of his works: biography, poetry, fiction, apologetics, essays and epics.

Saints Alive

This junior-high writing course aims for prose as lively and vibrant as the saints themselves. Here students make the jump from ho-hum to high-school-quality essays.

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